Saturday, November 29, 2014


Been quite busy with the release of my second book, Micro Fiction – An Anthology, couldn’t post my reviews on a more timely basis.

As a rule street kids have nothing to look forward to except a live in the streets trying to eke their existence on an on-going basis. Most street kids that is until Jayden and his friends of the street got picked up a benefactor who wanted to turn their lives around. Their benefactor places them in a private school where they’re taught better than any school in their former neighborhoods.

If you thought their benefactor had a reason for doing this, you’d be right, he needed them to be totally trained in how to fight terrorists who threatens everyone’s existence. The book contains a wonderful mix of genres; action/adventure, sci-fi with the use of high-tech equipment, etc. This is story in which its young street kids learn to take responsibility, and take it seriously.

While Ms. Cope’s writing style has turned the book into a page turner complete with the red herrings in contains, it could use some tweaking to correct the errors it contains. Overall I believe Jayden & The Mysterious Mountain: Book 1deserves the 4 STARS I’m giving it.

I read this book from November 19th – 21st 2014


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