Friday, November 14, 2014


I found “Take a Piece of My Heart” by Diane Rose Duffy to be an almost true story of what happens to a young girl like Kara, who’s too young to really understand the true meaning of love. Kara, against her parent’s wishes decides to run off with a guy her parents had forbidden her to see and gets married to him; which only could have happened because of her youthful innocence.

Before long she discovers the truth of what the adorable man she’d married is truly like, and the happy ever after she once thought she’d get is merely is now a nightmare no woman wants to be in.

Not only did the cad she married take a piece of her; he took quite a lot more from her. I believe her husband had taken almost everything from her, everything that is except for her will to survive and her determination to find solace somewhere far away from him.

This is a story any woman who’s in an abusive relationship and has been able to escape from can relate to. Once Kara leaves her husband she gets on a roller coaster of emotions like any another woman who has lived through the same ordeal.

While I usually find 50+ chapters a bit excessive for a novel of this length; however, Ms. Duffy skillful use this number of chapters to her first outing as an author, makes it like a diary of Kara’s existence with her husband, from when they first met, through her horrific life with him, her escape, to the journey in which she finds the happy ever after she has search so long for.

It’s too bad I can only give this book 5 STARS, as it deserves more.



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