Tuesday, October 28, 2014


As you know by now I had officially declared myself a BOOK REVIEWER at the end of August of this year.

And as a book reviewer I didn't want to be inundated with requests to do reviews so I set up my own set of guidelines as to what books I'm going to review.

To begin with, we all love to enter the RaffleCopter giveaways we constantly see on FaceBook, and I love to enter them as well. However, I only enter those contests for which there are books [e-books usually] I'd like to read, after which these are the books I'm going to review. 

I also love to enter the GiveAways on GoodReads where only REAL BOOKS are offered. On GoodReads in the guidelines they tell you that if you should win a book, you should write a review in consideration for having won the book. In the review you're advised to indicate the fact you've won the book as a giveaway.  So far I've won about 6 books which I've received; two of them have been ARCs [Advanced Readers Copy] which are in reality Galley Proofs and are marked as such, two of  them have been, some of the final version of the books I've received I got several days before the books where on the shelves of B & N.

Naturally I also read/review those books I've bought myself.

All of my reviews get posted on:
Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk/ and other sites if the author lives there

and occasionally as on my blog sites.

But with more and more books becoming available in a KINDLE format I'm now reading these books as well, especially since I now have KINDLE Unlimited where I'm choosing more and more books to read which interests me.


  1. if you ever venture into audiobooks, keep me in mind.. thank you!

  2. Perfect. Yes I've been involved in FB RaffleCopter with BookRhythms. Maybe that's where I recognise you from... Unfortunately I only have one book that is soft cover. The rest are Kindle Worlds novellas. Having so much fun with that! Nice to meet you.

    1. The feeling is mutual Lynda. If you've got a chance check out my two books on Amazon. This is not a request to buy a copy.

      If you [or anyone else] is interested in knowing more about me, you invited to go to http://www.about.me/rlmorgan51

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