Wednesday, September 10, 2014


In these days of financial crises and woes how many of us can HONESTLY SAY we don’t need to be told repeatedly how to handle our money. The truth is, even though we hate to admit it, none of us can afford not to be reminded.
We need to be grateful to the authors of “The Joy of Skinny on Finances,” Marcia Manchester and Charla Aylsworth, for having taken the time to put together and write a book which deals with precisely we must remember and actually need to do to gain some wealth and peace of mind in these trying times.   
The Joy of Skinny: Finances
I found their book to be an easy slow read which can easily be completed in a few hours, and still have time to read it again a second time the same day.
The authors of this book can assist many of us take the “blinders” off that we’re walking around with when it comes to our “fiscal fitness” by  telling us in simple terms how to take the “fat” off of what we’ve been doing wrong and to get to the real “skin and bones” of the matter.
This is why I’ve decided to give this the 5 STARS it so RICHLY deserves.
NOTE: I received a signed paperback copy of this book by both of its authors through a GiveAway on GoodReads; and this has been my honest opinion of the book. 

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