Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five Sentence Flash Fiction - THUNDER

A Clap of Thunder
A clap of thunder has just awoken me from my sleep as I’d dreamt of wonderful paradise. And as I adventured out of my salt-box home I saw the most foreboding sky I’d never seen with black, green and yellow blotches littered the sky, which up to a few short hours ago had been a luscious blue without barely a cloud to be seen; and which now looked like the entire world was about to end. Dead silence marked scene as I heard my heart beating faster and faster, louder and louder without any sight of any abatement in sight. I knew I had no one anywhere near me, and then a touch by someone’s hand on my shoulder caused me to involuntarily let out a shrieking scream. I awoke again to find this had all been the real dream.  

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