Saturday, July 13, 2013


Another week has come and Lillie McFerrrin [
]has given another Five Sentence Fiction prompt for us to contend with. For this week she has given us LOCKED; and after thinking about it for the past two days, I’ve come up with the following and I’d love to hear your comments. This is something that I've missed doing for a while and it should get the creative juices in my little grey cells flowing again.


Yes, that's what we as authors all are, LOCKED in a struggle.
We're all LOCKED in a struggle as what line we should write next.
We're all LOCKED in a struggle to get our completed endevor published.
The everyday life of an author is a struggle.
And how many of you authors reading this, as I am, LOCKED in struggle to someone to buy our creation[s].

Robin Leigh Morgan
YA Paranormal Romance Author
"I Kissed a Ghost"


  1. Very apt! yes, I can relate to this. Can I also add, locked in when I know what I want to say but just can't find the right words! That really bugs me. Excellent response to prompt and good to have you back. x

    1. THANKS for your feedback. You've related to it just I'd envisioned other authors would, for all of us are there several times in our careers in writing books.

      I'm glad to be back. I missed getting those creative juices in my grey cells flowing again. Will check your post later this evening, Going out with my OH for dinner.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I am struggling with marketing.

    1. THANKS for your feedback.

      Given this is only my second post since my 6 week absence I felt I needed to state how I feel at this point in time regarding my career as an author. I felt there are many other authors who feel the same way I do, which has already been shown by your reply comment as well as the one made by Lizzie.