Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Here’s my five sentence endeavor for Lillie McFerrin’s prompt of “PARADISE” on March 13th on her site http://www.lilliemcferrin,com

Charlene and her husband Robert had been preparing to go on a two-week twentieth anniversary cruise on their new yacht away from everything including their three children for the past month; loading enough provisions to last a month in case something unexpected should happen. When the day came for them to start everyone had been on the pier to send them off, wishing them well and congratulations on their anniversary. Everything seemed to be going well until the fifth night when a tremendously fierce storm came out of nowhere, tossing their small craft so much they had to seek shelter inside their cabin; and where they both had been knocked unconscious when something fell out of a cabinet and stroke their heads. It wasn’t until well after midnight when they woke up, saw a bright light slowly diminishing, and felt the ocean which instead of vehemently tossing them around now became smooth as glass with the slightest sense of movement; that they hoped a PARADISE would be in sight when daylight broke. When daylight did break, they found them in a lagoon of what appeared to be a PARADISE island when they heard its natives singing; however this imagined soon changed drastically when instead of people like you and me, they saw families of apes frolicking on the beach.

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