Wednesday, August 8, 2012


How many of us have lost ideas of what to write next simply because we didn’t listen to the voices [the muses] inside our heads?  I’ve learned my lesson well, because it has happen to me more than once as I wrote the manuscript I’m currently working on.

I was too busy in the writing of now for my manuscript to listen too these ideas formulating inside my head. I felt they would come back when I would be looking, however, much to my chagrin, I’ve proven to myself I had been wrong. I wound up racking my brain to come up with ideas again, but they were lost, never to be found again.

Soon after my post last week, I had the best of intentions to stay focused so I would have typed that final elusive period by now. However, when my muses began to give me ideas of what to write as my next writing endeavor, I listen. And now, a week later, I have not one but two ideas, which I’ve already typed out, waiting to start writing them.

Right now, the muses have left my head and I’m resting to clear my mind from their presence. My plan is to wake up tomorrow. bright and alert, and eager to begin writing the final pages of my manuscript, and with no more mental interruptions from these muses; my final period should make its presence known on Sunday.

So my advice to you, my followers is, When the muses inside your head speak — you better listen, if not, the ideas which you might have gotten will be like water under the bridge, long gone and never to return again.


  1. Writing down what the muse has to say is a good idea. Unfortunately, she usually speaks to me right as I'm about to fall asleep. Many times I've dragged myself out of bed, wandered to my writing desk, and written down the inspiration that came to me. Sometimes it makes sense the next morning; other times, not so much. But I dare not ignore her!

  2. Skip the walk to your writing desk. All you need is a pad and a pen which you keep on the night table desk to your bed. No table, then just keep these items next to you on the floor. Should hear your muse speak to you, reach over, grab these items and start writing. Muses like to play games with their hosts and by the time their hosts get to their writing table these muses have left, leaving a blank as to what they had said.
    [It's 2:15 AM here, so I might have some grammar errors here] :-)