Sunday, July 22, 2012


As I stated in my last post I had just received two batches back from my editor [four chapters]. I spent a small part of that day [about 2 hours] reviewing what she had done. The next day [July 20th] I spent about four more hours reviewing the remaining pages I did not do the day before. I took a break, however once I went back to continue writing the remaining few pages for my novel, I realized something I had no anticipated earlier.

In the last chapter, as I’ve already told you, I had been able to write seven pages in one day. The seemed to flow at a breakneck speed onto the screen I had been sitting in forth of. Now wanting to start writing anew, I realized the chapter had not gone the way I had originally planned. Although the product I had been better, I feel as if my writing has been derailed.I’m now at a standstill, trying to get my bearings of where I should go from here. The end of my story is still in sight, no different then it had been before, I merely have to think of a way to clear away the [mental] blockage which my breakneck speed writing had created. Once this has been accomplished I can “slowly” bring my writing speed back to normal, writing my usual three to four pages again.

Thanks for following me as I approach the final destination, the terminal at the final period of my novel. And if possible, I’d appreciate a mention of my blog here. This might sound selfish and somewhat conceited, but I would love having a throng of people waiting for me when I arrive. :-) :-) :-)


  1. I just finished the going through the second proof of my novel, that's after about 100 read-throghs. I never would have believed that writing the novel was the easy part. All the best! ~ Peggy

  2. Peggy is right. You at least are promoting before you publish so the world is waiting for you as Peggy has also done. I seemed to have thought that writing was all I had to do but it was the easiest part although I did not think so as I wrote it. Now working on a different book, I know I need to get with the promotions quickly as I enter the last round of rewrites.
    Very best of luck to you.

  3. Dear Robin,

    Coming to the climax of a book is always scary since one fears that something may have been overlooked, forgotten or suddenly doesn't make sense. When this happens to me, I go back to the beginning and do a read through to see that I'm still on track. You're not blocked,just a bit panicky as we all get toward the end and like the others said, promoting in advance is a smnart way to go--saves you so much time later.

    All the best with this!!


  4. All your prepublication promotion has been wonderful and we'll all be waiting for you at the Finish Line!

  5. @ Micki - THANKS for your feedback and thr encouraging support which I need at this time.

    @ Sandra - THANKS to you as well for your support and for your patience as I approach the finishing line. It's nice to hear that my prepublication efforts is doing what I had wanted it to do--getting audience for my books ultimate release.

    Robin Leigh Morgan