Thursday, May 5, 2016


I’ve so much wanted to do these posts on a weekly basis, but with things being the way they are, this didn’t come to pass. From this point going forwards I’m still going to post them but on a somewhat irregular basis.

One way to get additional exposure is to make yourself available for author interviews, guest posts of something you’ve written on a topic regarding something related to writing of the marketing/promotion of books.

If you’ve gotten accepted to be interviewed be prepared to answer questions which dwell into your background, books you’ve published, current projects, etc.  Don’t be afraid to answer questions honestly as the followers for the blog you’re being interviewed for are eager to learn more about you and the other individuals being interviewed.

Many times those doing the interview will give you a set of questions and then allow you to selection a certain number of them to answer; in addition, they might allow you to ask a question and then answer it yourself.

Since many of the questions being asked in interviews are asked over and over again, the best thing to do is to have these answers in a WORD Document and then copy/paste them any time that question has been asked.

You should also have available a copy of your book’s cover and a headshot readily available so they can be pasted into your interview. In addition, try to have a document file which lists all of the links to your sites you’d like to have others contact you.

While I do have a listing of my links, I’m also on a site where I have all the information I want others to have about me consolidated in one place, which I can easily update. If you’re interested in seeing my site for this, you’re welcomed to check out:

If anyone is interesting in interviewing me or would like me to do a guest blog regarding my transition from writing non-fiction commentaries for a community newspaper to the writing of my first novel, a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost,” please feel free to contact me, and I’ll response as soon as I can [within 24 hours].

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