Sunday, January 3, 2016


With my dear OH being hospitalized twice with two rounds of REHAB this year instead of both of us now being able to enjoy our retirement years I’m more than ever interested in watching what we need and am constantly looking to review books which might help me in this endeavor; which is why I happy was able to get a PDF.file of this author’s book. The following is my honest opinion of it.

The author has written this book from the inspiration she had received from Rakesh Singla. According to the author Rakesh Singla is a coach who can help you grow, starting with how you look at and choose food. He has worked with and studied under many doctors and nutritionists to become an expert on food, diet and all things nutrition. Most of all, he is a MS [Muscular Dystrophy] survivor of which there is no known cure in medical science.

I found this book to be quite informative as it gives its readers the way clean eating can help transform themselves to a healthier individual. Ms. Borgelt gives us sensible substitutes to what we would normally use on a daily basis, as well as giving numerous recipes for her readers to try.

In order to attract more potential readers from the intended audience of this book, I feel the author should have indicated the vegan nature of the book in her [original] description of it.

For wanting to give her readers a healthier lifestyle I’m giving this book 4 STARS.


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