Sunday, November 1, 2015


I received a paperback edition of this book through a LibraryThing giveaway from the author and the following is my honest opinion.

The back cover of the book proclaims it’s the best since P. G. Wodehouse. Since there’s no mention of this British humorist’s name, I’ve got to assume he had been the biggest influence in Clifford J. Hearn’s wanting to write in this genre. However, I don’t think it had been the actual stories which had been the actual influence, but the televised stories on British television; that along with the British television Ripping Yarns [Michael Palin/Terry Jones from Monty Python’s Flying Circus], the author had watched as a child in London.

That said, this author’s short stories share an almost identical look at life itself, poking fun at society and those in it, with what P. G. Wodehouse had written.  Each of Hearn’s stories, like Wodehouse, are a snippet, although somewhat disjointed, of the lives of his characters.

If you’ve watched the British comedy series Wodehouse Playing or the Ripping Yarns series written by Michael Pallin and Terry Jones [Monty Python] on PBS television [which I have when I’d been considerably younger] or the BBC, then you’ll know what to expect in this book. My laughter ranged from a mere groan to a belly laugh.

If you’re not into the British sense of humor, reading the stories in this book might take a little getting used to; but once you do, you’ll find this book quite an enjoyable reading experience. Please be aware the author uses British terminology and spelling of words at times.

As a whole I totally enjoyed reading this book, which is the reason I’ve given this book 5 STARS.


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