Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I so much wanted to post the following on Monday, but I forgot I need to host what had supposed to have been the last stop of a blog tour which I wrote about in my last entry.

Well, it’s back to finally making progress this past week as I completed my first round of editing my anthology of Flash Fiction. I wound up deleting three of them, which means I’m going back to responding to Lillie Ferrin’s website again which is something I’ve neglected to do these past few weeks. Going back will give me the opportunity to pick up on the prompt words she gave and to respond to at these two of them. After I finish two more rounds of editing and if I’ve got enough funds I’m going send the manuscript off to an editor.

I’m still in a editing mode for my adult Contemporary, His Darkest Secret, searching for more key words. This week I focused on the word “would”; forming contractions almost every place I found one—I found 75. While there I looked to see if anything around it needed editing, it did; and end result is I now have 40 Chapters consisting of 258 pages and I slight increase to 77,150 words.

On Saturday I returned to reading an ARC [Kindle Edition] for a book I’m scheduled to be one of the last blog tour stop of, where I’m supposed to post a review and some other material. If you follow my blog you read it tomorrow, Monday, August 11th.

While I’ve written a few more Haikus on the internet I haven’t pasted them yet into the anthology I’m compiling, so the status of it still stands at 62 or 15.5% completed of my intended goal of 400.

Naturally with all this going on I haven’t been able to make any progress on my YA Urban Fantasy novella, The Secret of the Well. Here’s hoping this coming week I’ll be able to make progress across the board with all of my writing endeavors.

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