Monday, July 14, 2014


This past week started off slowly, had some loose ends I’ve neglected to take off for some time. Yes, I do have a life outside of my writing. One which had been to approve the grave marker design for recently departed cat.

Not having written anything for the past few weeks for my YA Urban Fantasy novella, The Secret of the Well, I had to re-read the last four chapters to refresh my memory of what I need to write next. So after this slow start I’m happy to say by the end of the week, I’ve made substantial progress in writing it in three days. This week I’ve been able to write 4 Chapters consisting of 14 pages and about 4,300 words; bring the total to 19 Chapters, 77 pages and approximately 23,900 words which is about 75% of I’ve intended to write for this endeavor.
The self-editing of my adult Contemporary romance, His Darkest Secret has been place on the back burner as I concentrate on my other writing endeavors.
My Haiku anthology now stands at 62 or 15.5% completed. I’m still searching for sites where I can find Haiku prompts. I’m still planning to sort the Haikus I’ve written into categories to their readings somewhat more enjoyable once I search 100 of them.
This week, I’ve also begun the somewhat tedious project of reviewing my Flash Fictions checking for what can be best described as cohesiveness and by the end of the week I’ve completed about 15% of this task.  

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