Sunday, May 11, 2014


Before I start talking about my writing endeavors I’m proud to same I’ve gotten a second promotion on LinkedIn in another one of their groups in about four weeks. Last month I got promoted from being a Moderator in Literary Fiction Writers Group to being its Manager. Yesterday [May 6, 2014] I got another promotion from being a Moderator to being the Manager, this time the group is Fantasy Readers and Professionals. I feel honored in being acknowledged in this manner, as I feel my commitment in doing things to these groups and willingness to take on addition responsibility must be showing. This brings my involvement in LinkedIn to

Member = 54 Groups

Owner = 3 Groups

New Authors Need Marketing Ideas

Authors/Writers Helping Authors/Writers

Young Adult Book Authors

Manager = 2 Groups [See above]

Moderator = 2 Groups

Indie Authors

Ready to Read

On Saturday, I posted my 5 STAR Review for Connor by Dormaine G. Here’s the review I posted on on blog here, as well as on GoodReads.

Given the way my various writing endeavors have been going in the past few weeks I’ve decided to rearrange my priorities regarding them.

Since my anthology of Flash Fiction now only requires five more items to be added, and would be the cheapest/quickest to be self-published it’s now at the top of my priorities; along with my YA Urban Fantasy The Secret of the Well. Since I’ve got emails wanting to know if there would be sequel to my first romance endeavor, I Kissed a Ghost which my YA Urban Fantasy is; so I’ve decided to give the public what it wants.

The pace for His Darkest Secret has basically slowed down to a crawl with only a little tweaking, self-editing being done on a regular basis. The reason for this is that endeavor will also be the most costly to self-publish, give the heavy-duty editing I’d like to have done with it which involves more than a mere grammar, spelling, and punctuation check by someone else. And finally, as far as my NA Contemporary It Had All Been a Game is concerned, I’m going to leave it on the back burner for the time being, as what I’d intended to write about as changed, and therefore I won't be making further updates until there's some movement again.

So let’s down to what I’ve accomplished this week.

For my adult Contemporary, His Darkest Secret, I’ve returned to formatting of each page to what I had prior to its disappearance. I’ve set the format of each page of each manuscript I’m writing so it resembles a page of a regular book [6” x 9” trim], with the appropriate left/right and top/bottom margins on each page. I’ve also restored the appropriate headers/footers as well. With this in place, I used the grammar/spellcheck feature on WORD and have eliminated 100% of the errors here.

In regards to The Secret of the Well, the sequel to I Kissed a Ghost, this week I’ve completed a relatively short but important chapter, consisting of two pages and approximately 600 words. And with the change of font I’m using this brings to total for this manuscript to 13 Chapters, 48 pages and about 14,750 words, which according what length good length novella should be would make this about 46% complete.

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 95 items with a 2 new item being written in the past week. This leaves me with only 5 more items to write for my goal of 100 Flash Fictions and the long process of self-editing begins before it is handed over to a second set of eyes.

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