Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is going to be brief.

Yesterday had been the first day in slightly over three week that I finally got back to writing/reading/rewriting my second, still untitled, romance novel.  This one as I've said before is a Contemporary romance with a paranormal element running through most of the storyline, and I now also plan to have a surprise ending much in the same manner I did in I Kissed a Ghost.
Once I get closer to the end of writing it, I plan to start posting UNEDITED SNIPPETS of it, as I did with my first [YA] romance endeavor.
My plan from now on is to write about two to three new pages a day along with my usual online activities, not counting the days when I'll be doing some editing and rewrites. If I take everything into account, I plan to finish the first draft my the end of July/middle of August.

So to start my weekly Tuesday status report, between yesterday and Sunday I'd written five

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