Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I can no longer allow myself to be distracted by other matters. Other matters which are not really that important but needs to get done.

Losing the momentum I had previously [I know I've said this before] has caused me to go back to the beginning of my manuscript once again to re-read what I've already written making new edits as I turn each page.

I've done about 75 pages already, and have about 115 more to go. I've made several changes, tightening everything as I go, and adding 575 words. As I look towards the end of my manuscript I believe I'll need about an additional 10,000 words / 40 pages / 5 chapters to finish it.

It's amazing how many little tweaks needs to be made to get a manuscript just right.
Stay tuned to this blog for additional snippets from my manuscript, and as always, feedback would be appreciated.


  1. Keep writing and editing. Patience and persistence are must haves for any novelist.

  2. I tend to write the book, then do the tweaking. I think you make more work for yourself by doing it too early. I've just discovered I need to change my ending which will require going back and making changes all the way to the middle!
    My advice--get the book done, then give it an overall read with pencil and notebook in hand.
    Then the task as big as writing the book. Editing and proofing!
    Good luck,

  3. Yes that is what I have done too Marla, I have just finished my first draft of my novel, and I am starting the editing process now. I decided that the best method for me would be to leave it till the end, that way I can immerse myself in the task at hand. You are right Robin, there's a lot of tweaking and possibly rewriting to do. Some days I feel a tad daunted by the size of the task ahead of me, but then I make a small change to my manuscript That opens up a new door or fixes a broken one LOL, and it all seems worthwhile.